In ancient Egypt, hairdressing was definitely a thriving industry. At that time, people, men and women, always liked to shave their hair and put on the beautifully woven wigs. The reason for the condition is that people think the hair is unclean and easy to nourish the dirt like lice. So both men and women will have the habit of shaving. First, lice and fleas will not appear on the head, second, in the hot weather will make people feel fresh, but also easy to take care of.

The ancient Egyptians attached great importance to their appearance. They not only began to use spices, perfumes and other cosmetics to enhance their charm, but also wore gold and silver to make themselves “Jeweled”. But it is puzzling that the ancient Egyptians who paid so much attention to appearance were all bald. Why is that?

It’s related to the religious culture of ancient Egypt. In ancient Egyptian religion, many gods were animals with wigs. Generally, the higher the status of people, the longer the wigs they wore, so the wigs of pharaohs were very long, while slaves and civilians were short.

But think again, if everyone in ancient Egypt shaves his head, where does the wig come from? From slaves? No, it is recorded in ancient literature that slaves all have “slave hair style”, and it is impossible to have a large number of slaves with long hair.

Therefore, ancient Egyptians shaved their heads and then wore wigs, which was probably a kind of burial custom!

In fact, the ancient Egyptians were very clean. Not only do they have to take a bath every morning and evening, but they also have to shave every three days. Especially in the religious ceremony, it is necessary to wash the body thoroughly, even the Pharaoh must bathe and change clothes. Because in the religious ceremony, unclean is considered to be a great disrespect to God. All unclean people will be punished by God on people. The hair and beard are the most easy to hide filth. In order to ensure their own cleanliness, they simply shaved off all their hair and beard to eliminate the aftereffects forever. But how could the ancient Egyptians, who paid attention to appearance, go out bareheaded? So all kinds of wigs and false beards appeared.

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