There are many wig brands in China, but how to choose a good brand is really difficult. It is suggested that you can go to Zhihu or tieba to learn about word-of-mouth, or you can visit a wig shop nearby. Pay attention to the comparison from many aspects, the quality, effect, after sale, cost performance of wigs. Combined with their own personal needs to choose!

For more information, point 1:

Baidu search can be done, but many of them are advertising. It’s hard for users to identify what brand is good from the advertising. It’s the most objective to suggest going to a physical store and experiencing it personally.

First of all, the old brand is better. Now the market competition is so fierce, only the old store after historical precipitation can show that many old customers are maintaining, but the concept of crazy advertising speculation also needs to be distinguished In order to get the shop to see the product, experience the trial wearing personally, there are also some promises that can’t just listen to the sales, to write it out.

For more information, point 2:

With the improvement of living standards, people’s pursuit of beauty is becoming higher and higher. Wearing wigs has also become a fashion. With wigs, girls can change their hair and wear different clothes every day, and become a girl of variety. Especially for people with thin hair, it’s a good news, because with wigs we can do hair that we can’t normally do.

In many wig brands, it’s a little difficult to choose which brand is good. Generally, the basic quality of brand is not bad. So when we choose wigs, we usually can’t choose them wrong as long as we choose them according to the following aspects. First of all, we choose wigs with proper hairstyle, high fidelity, good ventilation, and finally, we choose after-sales and brand.

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