Buying wigs is the same as buying other products. It is necessary to select. Wearing qualified wigs from regular manufacturers will not cause any damage to the skin and scalp. When buying wigs, we should follow a principle that high price is not necessarily a good product. It mainly depends on the quality and quality. The whole human hair wigs will have a longer life at first and easy to clean in the later period. The wigs are in The production process has to go through more than 100 processes, which is very complex. Only the details can reflect the value of wigs. The service life depends on the personal use. So how to choose a wig product? Here are some suggestions for choosing a wig product. Let’s have a look.

Classification of wigs:

Human hair: at present, the most commonly used hair in the market is Chinese hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, European hair.

At present, Chinese hair is the hair with the largest amount of raw materials for making wigs. It has a large population in China, and its quality is relatively hard. It can be bleached and dyed after being treated with acid. It can be used to make shapes when being decorated on the head, which is popular in the United States and Europe. Indian hair is relatively soft, and its quality is not as straight as that of China, with wavelets and curls. It is easy to break after being treated by the hair industry, and its plasticity is not strong. European hair color is relatively connected Near the local consumer market, it is currently the most expensive raw material.

European hair is delicate and soft, which is not suitable for bleaching, dyeing and post-treatment. There are a lot of hair directly used for receiving. Chemical fiber is a supplement to human hair raw materials. Chemical fiber is divided into low-temperature fiber, which is a filling material for human hair curtains. Low-temperature fiber can remain unchanged at 270 degrees. This kind of fiber is used for shaping and reducing human hair The raw material cost of the curtain, and if the high-temperature silk is kept unchanged below 270 degrees, it is used to make the model of the style. The protein silk is the closest raw material to human hair, and the feel is the closest to human hair. It is often used as a filler in high-grade wig products, and it can automatically flame retardant after burning, which is in the product limit of many countries.

Warm white skin is also suitable for many colors. Compared with cold white skin, you can choose more hair colors. You can try misty yellow, light brown, black, dull blue and light brown wigs. Because the skin color is dark, you can use bright color as much as possible, plus the effect of pick-up is better, but you should pay attention to that the color of pick-up is light brown. For yellow skin, you can choose the hair color To choose a darker brown or black and red series, it will make your skin look more white and color, should choose chestnut, dark brown wig, to participate in the makeup party and other activities should see the makeup color and light to choose the wig in coordination with it.

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